Noam Dotan

Attackers Can Bypass GitHub Required Reviewers to Submit Malicious Code

Code reviews are an essential security guardrail, but GitHub’s required code reviewers' settings might be giving you a false sense of security – they can easily be bypassed by any collaborator with reviewer permissions.

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Google & Apache Found Vulnerable to GitHub Environment Injection

In this blog post, we'll discuss a new type of GitHub Actions workflow vulnerability we called "GitHub Environment Injection". We've found a couple of

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LastPass Software Supply Chain Attack: What Happened and Tips to Protect Against Similar Attacks

LastPass, one of the world's largest password managers with 25 million users, disclosed that an unauthorized party had gained access to portions of...

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Vulnerable GitHub Actions Workflows Part 2: Actions That Open the Door to CI/CD Pipeline Attacks

In this blog post, we’ll explore a bug we’ve found in a popular third-party action and how in some cases it could lead to your SDLC pipeline being...

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Vulnerable GitHub Actions Workflows Part 1: Privilege Escalation Inside Your CI/CD Pipeline

At Legit Security, we’re focused on preventing software supply chain attacks and securing the SDLC for our customers and the broader cybersecurity...

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