Enterprise Secrets Scanning

Detect and remediate secrets in the developer environment for better breach mitigation and data loss prevention.

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Secrets in the SDLC

Developers are pushed to innovate and develop code as fast as possible, frequently leading to shortcuts intended to drive efficiency and speed. Secrets are commonly used in development to accelerate testing and QA, but this leads to a continuously growing and significant source of risk to the organization.

Benefits of Legit Secrets Scanning

Broader Visibility & Coverage

Legit discovers and scans developer assets beyond source code to cover your entire environment and protect your data. It delivers holistic visibility into where secrets exist, the scope of the problem, missing coverage, and remediation progress over time.

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Active prevention with automated guardrails

Legit allows you to stop the bleeding with automated guardrails that can actively prevent new secrets from being entered into the developer environment. This can be extended all the way to the individual developer endpoint with the Legit CLI.

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Better remediation with deeper context

Legit delivers deep context about secrets in your code, relevant details to prioritize, and recommended remediation steps. We can help to quickly reduce enormous backlogs of detected secrets with advanced alerting and ticketing management.

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Enterprise Scalability and Performance

Legit uses low-level optimization techniques to meet scaling requirements of the largest organizations, with the ability to scan thousands of repositories within minutes of deployment. 

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AI-Powered accuracy for secret scanning

Unlike open-source tools, Legit has a continually learning engine with a low rate of missed detections to find all secrets in your SDLC, while the platform delivers extensive context and prioritization capabilities to limit the impact of false positives.

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Secrets Are An Enterprise-Wide Risk
Once secrets enter the developer environment and SDLC they become a critical problem, exposing the entire organization to increased risk of breaches, data theft and compliance violations.
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Secrets are unavoidable

Modern apps require 100s of secrets to function (API keys, 3rd parties, cloud credentials).

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Secrets are a critical threat

When attackers locate secrets in the developer environment, they gain privileged access to critical assets and other sensitive data.

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Secrets are everywhere

Secrets propagate quickly, spreading from the original source to every developer endpoint and often exist forever in Git history.

Secrets detection across the SDLC

Developers often use secrets in code, from passwords to PII that make development and testing easier and allow for faster innovation; however, poor management of these secrets can expose sensitive information publicly or to malicious actors.

Passwords & API Keys

Passwords, credentials, access, tokens, API Keys, etc. are commonly used to expedite software development, but when exposed can be used to gain privileged access to a wide range of company resources. Legit can detect them throughout the developer environment and on developer endpoints, and can establish automated guardrails to prevent them from being introduced in new code commits.

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Sensitive Data/PII

Developers will often use sample data sets to test application functionality without being aware that they are introducing live PII into the developer environment. Legit can scan for critical PII like social security and credit card numbers to facilitate remediation and prevent future occurrences.

Secret Scanning v3 - Sensitive Data and PII

Beyond Source Code

Secrets in the developer environment aren't restricted to the source code - they end up in documentation, developer tools and artifacts. Legit looks beyond the source code, scanning artifacts, build logs and other areas of the attack surface to ensure that exposure is minimized throughout the SDLC.

Secret Scanning v3 - Beyond Source Code
How does secret scanning work?

Connect to your environment

Legit connects to your developer environment quickly and easily, automatically discovering SDLC resources at enterprise scale within minutes.


Scan for secrets in real time

Once integrated, Legit scans the entire developer environment for secrets, delivering immediate, actionable results.


Prevent new secrets

Legit allows you to deploy security guardrails the extend to developer endpoint to prevent new secrets from entering the SDLC.


Prioritize what’s important

Legit's deep contextual awareness automatically prioritizes business-critical risk, allowing you to focus on remediating what's important.


Trace secrets to their source

Legit identifies where secrets exist in the developer environment and traces them back to their original source for fast resolution.


Remediate critical issues fast

Legit delivers recommended remediation steps to provide critical insights into how to remediate issues like secrets in code quickly.

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