Code To Cloud Traceability and Security

Bridge application and cloud security by tracing vulnerabilities from code creation to deployment for faster prioritization and remediation.


Application Traceability From Code To Cloud

  • Map the application journey from source code to runtime
  • Find owners of cloud application vulnerabilities
  • Identify the blast radius of development vulnerabilities in runtime

Contextual Prioritization Of Vulnerabilities And Threats

  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on business context
  • Instantly link vulnerabilities to app criticality and deployment risks
  • Customize risk scores to your environment

Enforce The Right Security Controls On The Right Apps

  • Enforce security controls based on where they’re needed most
  • Customize security policies based on app context, business criticality, and deployment environments

Infrastructure-As-Code Scanning

  • Scan for IaC security issues
  • Instantly identify and fix vulnerable configurations
  • Ensure secure cloud infrastructure starting with the code

Request a demo including the option to analyze your own software supply chain.