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The Future of Software Supply Chain Security

Software is the engine of digital business. But the software supply chain, or code factory used to develop and release software, is under attack. 

Legit Security secures your SDLC spanning the code, pipelines, infrastructure and people with an integrated solution. Legit Security keeps your code factory secure and ensures that every software release is “legit”.

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Protection Against an Exploding Attack Vector 

The SolarWinds software supply chain attack received broad publicity and caused immense damage, but it wasn’t isolated. In December 2021, another high-profile vulnerability in Apache's Log4J called Log4Shell was identified. This is unsurprising, considering that ENISA data revealed a 4x increase in software supply chain attacks in 2021 compared to 2020* and Gartner predicts a 3x increase in attacks over the next four years.** Unfortunately, cybercriminals are aware of the wide spread vulnerabilities found in typical software supply chains, as well as the powerful multiplier effect they can gain through one successful attack.  

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* Source: "ENISA Threat Landscape For Supply Chain Attacks", European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, July 2021.

** Source: “How Software Engineering Leaders can Mitigate Software Supply Chain Security Risks”, Gartner, July 15 2021.


Our Solution

A Comprehensive Approach to Software Supply Chain Security

Legit Security offers an easy to implement SaaS-based solution to protect an organization's software supply chain from attack. The solution combines unique automated discovery and analysis capabilities with hundreds of security policies developed by industry experts with real-world SDLC security experience. This integrated solution keeps your code factory secure and provides continuous assurance that your applications are released without vulnerabilities. 

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Automated Discovery and Analysis

You can't protect what you don't know. Legit Security enables you to auto-discover all of your SDLC assets, dependencies, and pipeline flows in seconds, including a visualization graph that provides a birds-eye view and a complete inventory. Legit also auto-detects deployed security products such as SAST and SCA and their respective security coverage. If a new tool is added later, it's automatically detected by Legit.

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Apply Best Practice Security Policies and Remediate Risks

Legit Security provides hundreds of best practice security policies to enforce SDLC security. Toggle on or off the security policies desired for your organization and instantly obtain vulnerability detection and security incident reporting.​ Legit also provides pre-built integration with Jira and Slack, integration APIs, and remediation guides so you can prioritize and remediate issues fast.

Provide Continuous Assurance

Software delivery pipelines are constantly changing, and business leaders need continuous assurance that their code factories and applications are secure. Legit Security provides tools to measure your SDLC security coverage, monitor incident trends, and compare the security posture of your teams and pipelines. Armed with new tools for compliance reporting and collaborative governance, Legit Security allows you to stay safe while releasing software fast.

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What Our Customers Say

"It is sort of amazing that security of the development pipeline itself is such an unmitigated risk, it's no wonder we saw an attack like SolarWinds"

SVP, CISO, Global Hospitality


Built By Cybersecurity Experts

Our mission is to secure every organization's software factory (code, pipelines, infrastructure and people) for faster and more secure software releases.

Roni Fuchs

Co-Founder, CEO


Liav Caspi

Co-Founder, CTO


Lior Barak

Co-Founder, VP of R&D


Chris Hoff

VP of WW Sales

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   Derick Townsend

VP of Marketing

Legit’s co-founders honed their expertise at the renowned Israeli Defense Force’s Unit 8200 and at leading cyber security companies in Israel. The Legit team has real-world security experience with offensive and defensive tactics specific to software delivery pipelines, and have codified those best practices into an easy to implement SaaS solution. 


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