Security for your Software Supply Chain

Software is the engine of digital business. Yet, software supply chains are fragile and vulnerable. 

As your software supply chains and delivery pipelines become more automated and complex,
there is an urgent need for a different security approach to ensure that a company's "code factory" is
secure and that every software release is "legit". Legit Security is taking a new approach to secure the software supply chain that’s not possible with more narrowly focused point solutions or legacy security tools and techniques.

About Us

The Legit Security team is composed of software supply chain security experts, and we’ve created an enterprise SaaS security solution so you don’t have to be. Our mission is to put an end to software supply chain attacks and the damage they inflict on software providers and their downstream customers.

Legit’s technical and engineering expertise comes from one of the world’s best sources of global cybersecurity talent: the Israeli Defense Force’s Unit 8200. Our team has practical, real-world security experience with offensive and defensive tactics specific to software delivery pipelines. Those best practices to protect the supply chain have been curated into our SaaS solution, which is easy to implement, doesn’t interfere with your existing development tools and workflows, and rapidly discovers and integrates with other security tools.

Our Leadership


Roni Fuchs

Co-Founder & CEO


Chris Hoff

VP of WW Sales


Liav Caspi

Co-Founder & CTO


Gili Raanan

Board Member


Lior Barak

Co-Founder & VP of R&D


Mark Smith

Board Member

"It is sort of amazing that security of the development pipeline itself is such an unmitigated risk, it's no wonder we saw an attack like SolarWinds"

SVP, CISO, Global Hospitality

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