AI Discovery in Development

Bridge the gap between security and dev by uncovering where and when AI code is used and take action to ensure proper security controls are in place - without slowing software delivery.

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Close the AI Visibility Gap

As developers harness the power of AI and large language models (LLMs) to develop and deploy capabilities more quickly, new risks arise, including vulnerabilities, copyright restrictions and data exposure. Understanding when and where AI is used in development will help close a critical visibility gap for your organization’s security and development teams.

Benefits of AI Discovery

Find AI-generated code 

Legit provides a full view of the development environment, including code derived from AI-generated coding tools (e.g., GitHub Copilot). 

AI Discovery - Find AI-generated code

Gain Full Visibility

By gaining a full view of the application environment, including repositories using LLM, MLOps services, and code generation tools, Legit’s platform offers the context necessary to understand and manage an application’s security posture. 

AI Discovery - Gain Full Visibility

Enforce Policies

Legit Security detects LLM and GenAI development and enforces organizational security policies, such as ensuring all AI-generated code gets reviewed by a human.

AI Discovery - Enforce Policies

Real-Time Alerts

Legit can immediately notify security teams when users install AI code-generation tools, providing greater transparency and accountability.

AI Discovery - Real-Time Alerts

Stop Vulnerabilities

Legit’s platform provides guardrails to prevent the deployment of vulnerable code to production, including that delivered via AI tools.

AI Discovery - Stop Vulnerabilities
Mitigate the Risk of AI in Development
AI enables developers to innovate faster, but presents a new set of security risks. With Legit, you can ensure nothing stops developers from delivering while providing security the confidence they have visibility and control into the usage of AI and LLMs.
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Stop Unknown Vulnerabilities

AI-generated code may contain unknown vulnerabilities or flaws that put the entire application at risk.

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Avoid Legal Risk

AI-generated code can introduce legal issues if copyright restrictions are in place.

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Prevent Data Exposure

Legit helps prevent improper implementation of AI features, which can lead to data exposure.

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