Software Supply Chain Security

Automatically discover, analyze, and secure your end-to-end software supply chain.


Automated SDLC Discovery
In Minutes

  • Discover and correlate your entire SDLC automatically
  • Trace pipelines and dependencies from code to cloud
  • Visual models of systems, pipelines and controls
  • Expose and eliminate risky shadow IT environments
Automated SDLC Discovery In Minutes

Real-Time Inventory Of SDLC Assets And Security Controls

  • Continuously updated inventory of SDLC assets
  • Identify security controls and close coverage gaps
  • Ensure secure pipelines to the cloud
  • Optimize security control placement, reduce redundancies and lower costs

Enforce Security, Resiliency And Software Integrity

  • Enforce 100’s of policies to secure your software supply chain
  • Secure SDLC systems, CI/CD pipelines, code and teams
  • Ensure the integrity of every software release
Enforce Security, Resiliency and Software Integrity-Update

Protect Sensitive Data In

  • Secret scanning and mitigation
  • Prevent new secrets from entering the SDLC
  • Prioritize secret remediation based on impact and relevance

Threat Hunting And
Custom Queries

  • Investigate threats and risks with custom inquiries
  • Perform rapid, ad hoc queries against your SDLC
  • Save searches for ongoing use
Threat Hunting and Custom Inquiries

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