A Better Way To Secure GitHub/GitLab

Legitify is an open-source security tool for GitHub or GitLab users to automatically discover insecure configurations.

Legitify Header Illustration - Legit Security
Are Your SCM Implementations Secure?
It’s difficult and time-consuming to consistently enforce security across large GitHub/GitLab source code management (SCM) systems, and misconfigurations are a very common source of vulnerabilities. Different individuals often deploy GitHub/GitLab instances with different configurations and settings. However, manually enforcing consistency across large GitHub/GitLab organizations is very labor-intensive and prone to human error.
Auto-Discover Insecure Configurations
Legitify is an open-source GitHub/GitLab configuration scanner from Legit Security that helps security teams and DevOps engineers manage and enforce their SCM configurations in a secure and scalable way. Legitify automatically detects security issues, provides remediation steps to address them, and represents a subset of capabilities in the commercially licensed Legit Security Platform.
Here's how Legitify works:

1. Connect Easily

Legitify connects to GitHub and GitLab via an access token and detects issues across various resource types: member, repository, actions, organization, and more. Legitify provides the option to scan by specific GitHub/GitLab instance and/or resource type, or to scan an entire GitHub organization, or GitLab group, across all resource types.

Legitify - Connect Easily

2. Scan Quickly

Legitify rapidly scans your GitHub implementations via the command line to detect a wide range of security issues associated with GitHub configurations and settings. Use Legitify across an entire GitHub organization of any size.

Legitify - Scan Quickly

3. Detect Security Issues

Any security issue detected is listed in the results, including the name of the issue with a brief description and severity categorization. Threat examples and remediation steps are also provided along with the entityID of the violation.

Legitify - Detect Security Issues

4. Obtain Security Scores

Legitify is integrated with OSSF Scorecard so you can run Scorecard within Legitify to assess the security posture of repositories using the Security Scorecard framework.

Legitify - Obtain Security Score
Legitify vs. the Legit Security platform
If you liked Legitify, you will love the Legit Security Platform! Below is a feature comparison between Legitify and Legit:
Capability Legitify Legit Security Platform
Supported platforms
ALL major SCMs (incl. Azure DevOps, Bitbucket and more)
CI/CD systems (e.g. Jenkins)
Package registries (e.g. JFrog Artifactory)
Cloud providers (e.g. AWS)
Risk detection
SCM Misconfigurations only
SCMs Misconfigurations
CI Misconfigurations
CD Misconfigurations
Package Registries Misconfigurations
Pipeline risks
Security Incidents
And more...
Compliance report
ISO 27001
And more...
Policy drifts detection
Can be detected periodically though Legitify's GitHub Action
Get real-time alerts when a misconfiguration is introduced
SDLC assets management
Issue & policy management
Code To Cloud context
Yes (contextualized information enables smarter prioritization)
Workspaces & product groups
Ticketing & alerting
Jira, Slack, and more
Ingest risk
Import APIs and integrations with SAST, SCA and other testing solutions
Rest APIs
Cross-Platform Deployment
Legitify is an open source, cross-platform binary that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Security and DevOps engineers run Legitify in the command line. Several improvements are planned for the future, including the ability to support periodic scanning schedules.
How to Download and Documentation
Get the latest version of Legitify by downloading below and read through the documentation for an
in-depth look at how our tool works.


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