Vulnerability Management

Automatically discover, analyze and secure your end-to-end software supply chain.


Consolidated Application Risk Management

  • Manage application vulnerabilities in one place
  • Integrate findings from SAST, SCA, secret scanning and IaC
  • Leverage rich context to prioritize and score risk

Centralized Security Policy Enforcement

  • Centrally manage security policies enforced across your SDLC
  • Customize by product lines, teams, pipelines, or individual systems and tools
Centralized Security Policy Enforcement

AppSec Governance And Risk Scoring

  • Automated policies to govern application releases
  • Enforce security control coverage
  • Customize risk scoring to business requirements
  • Leverage risk scores for DevSecOps and security champion programs

Automate And Orchestrate Remediation

  • Automate remediation and team collaboration
  • Orchestrate with ticketing, workflow and productivity tools
  • Set policies to automate remediation where appropriate
Automate and Orchestrate Remediation

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