Know your application security posture is legit – and prove it

Build a scalable security program foundation to reduce risk, protect your software products, and make compliance easier across complex environments.

Top companies are building a legit AppSec foundation
Security programs have too many moving parts
A complex web of tools, requirements and threats means teams are always playing catch-up.
Legit is the new way to manage your application security posture
Make it cleaner and easier to control risk across your business from code to cloud.
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Productivity Gains

Consolidate vulnerabilities, streamline risk eval and automate remediation

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Risk Reduction

Real-time security posture management with automated security guardrails

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Lower Costs

Eliminate security control redundancies and optimize their placement

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Faster Compliance

Real-time risk scoring, regulatory gap analysis and continuous drift monitoring

Build a foundation that ties your whole security program together

Protect your dev environment from end to end

Stop worrying about what you’re missing – from GenAI code to secrets - and understand the holistic risk across your entire software factory and attack surface. Make sense of findings from multiple AppSec tools to confidently prioritize and fix highest-risk issues fast.


Set up automated CI/CD pipelines to deliver secure apps

Implement in no time to lighten the load on your security teams by consolidating findings from multiple tools and setting boundaries that let developers work their own way safely. Create processes that engage developers to get cleaner code the first time and use complete context to prioritize fixes.


Prove the success of your security program

Test your policies, ensure they’re being enforced, and show the value of your hard work. Collaborate and hold everyone accountable with data. Use metrics to communicate more clearly about risk and progress with developers, product teams and executives.

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Fortune 500 Company: Kraft-Heinz

Why legit security leaders trust us

Hear how Ricardo Lafosse, CISO at Kraft-Heinz, uses Legit Security to collaborate with dev teams and remediate application security issues early in the pre-production development environment.

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The Foundation Of Modern Application Security

See All Of Your SDLC

Establish AppSec programs on a strong foundation of SDLC visibility, security and secure development best practices.


Prevent SDLC Attacks

Manage real-time application security posture with KPIs based on visibility of security guardrail coverages and gaps.


Continuous Compliance

Operationalize code to cloud security by consolidating vulnerabilities, contextualizing risk & prioritizing remediation.

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Get a stronger AppSec foundation you can trust and prove it’s doing the job right.