Gartner® Report: Innovation Insight for Application Security Posture Management (ASPM), 2023

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Secure Application Delivery

Legit Security protects your software supply chain from attacks and provides application security posture management from code to cloud.

Leading enterprises trust legit security
Code To Cloud ASPM Platform
Legit allows you to stay safe while releasing software fast by automatically discovering security issues from code to cloud, remediating threats and ensuring the integrity of every software release.
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Software Supply Chain Security

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Application Security
Control Plane

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Code to Cloud

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Compliance &

Fortune 500 Company: Kraft-Heinz

Leading Enterprises Trust Legit Security

Hear how Ricardo Lafosse, CISO at Kraft-Heinz, uses Legit Security to collaborate with dev teams and remediate application security issues early in the pre-production development environment.

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Deliver Software Securely
At Scale

Gain visibility and security control over rapidly changing dev environments with a unified application security control plane. Leverage valuable context and traceability from code to cloud to prioritize security issues and streamline vulnerability mgmt.


Protect An Expanding
Attack Surface

Software supply chain attacks are increasing 3-6X per year and code scanning alone won’t stop them. Legit secures the entire software supply chain environment with real-time visibility, risk scoring and remediation so you can address security issues in real-time and prevent attacks.

Accelerate Efficiency & Effectiveness
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Productivity Gains

Consolidate vulnerabilities, streamline risk eval and automate remediation

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Risk Reduction

Real-time security posture management with automated security guardrails

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Lower Costs

Eliminate security control redundancies and optimize their placement

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Faster Compliance

Real-time risk scoring, regulatory gap analysis and continuous drift monitoring

The Foundation Of Modern Application Security

See All Of Your SDLC

Establish AppSec programs on a strong foundation of SDLC visibility, security and secure development best practices.


Prevent SDLC Attacks

Manage real-time application security posture with KPIs based on visibility of security guardrail coverages and gaps.


Continuous Compliance

Operationalize code to cloud security by consolidating vulnerabilities, contextualizing risk & prioritizing remediation.

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