Roy Blit

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Critical and Time Sensitive OpenSSL Vulnerability - The Race Between Attackers and Defenders

Update: On November 1st the OpenSSL project maintainers released their fix for the vulnerabilities. There were two vulnerabilities discovered. After engagement with experts from the industry, it was decided to reduce the severity classification to...

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Introducing Legitify: A Better Way To Secure GitHub

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Legitify – an open-source security tool for GitHub users to automatically discover and remediate insecure...

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GitHub Security Best Practices Your Team Should Be Following

GitHub can be configured to be fairly robust against security breaches. It has various security features and settings that enhance the safety of its...

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Latest GitHub OAuth Tokens Attack Explained and How to Protect Yourself

On Friday April 15, GitHub Security announced it had detected the compromise of OAuth access tokens issued to Heroku and Travis-CI integrations to...

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What Is SLSA? SLSA Explained In 5 Minutes

You’ve probably heard that software supply chain attacks are increasing rapidly and that the damage can be devastating. Both business and security...

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