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Software Supply Chain Risks: What Every CISO Needs to Know

As software technology evolves, it’s being continuously integrated into nearly every aspect of business processes. And while this has given many businesses new tools to make their daily lives much easier and more efficient, it has also highlighted...

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Why You Can Still Get Hacked Even After Signing Your Software Artifacts

Malicious actors are poisoning your artifacts in an attempt to infect your software supply chain so that you deploy those compromised (i.e.,...

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New Software Supply Chain Attack Installs Trojans on Adobe's Magento E-Commerce Platform

A popular vendor of Magento-Wordpress plug-ins/integrations with over 200,000 downloads, has been hacked. This recent attack is a reminder that...

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What is an SBOM? SBOM explained in 5 minutes

SBOM stands for Software Bill Of Materials: a nested description of software artifact components and metadata. This information can also include...

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