Legit Security Now Offered Through GuidePoint Security

Partnership offers GuidePoint Security customers access to Legit's Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) platform to help enable secure SDLC, protect the software supply chain.

BOSTON, April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Legit Security, the leading platform for enabling companies to manage their application security posture across the complete developer environment, today announced a strategic reseller partnership with GuidePoint Security, the leading cybersecurity solution provider that empowers organizations to make smarter decisions and minimize risk.

As organizations build scalable application security programs, they face many challenges, including enforcing consistent policies across disparate product and application teams and demonstrating compliance to various regulations and security frameworks. GuidePoint Security's expertise and services, paired with Legit's platform, will enable joint customers to help strengthen their application security posture without slowing the innovation critical to their bottom line.

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"As risks associated with software development and delivery increase, organizations need a consistent means of managing application security programs across both development and security," said Aaron Cote, Chief Revenue Officer at Legit. "We are excited to partner with GuidePoint Security. Together we are providing organizations with solutions that provide critical insights so they can prioritize risk and bolster productivity by reducing developer time to close vulnerabilities."

"As threat actors continue to become more sophisticated and increasingly target software supply chains, organizations are facing new digital complexities, software delivery security issues, and unprecedented challenges to their overall cybersecurity postures," said Justin Iwaniszyn, Director of New and Emerging Alliances at GuidePoint Security. "Adversaries are continually refining tactics to exploit vulnerabilities in software development, making comprehensive application security a key component in helping businesses mitigate risk and protect against emerging threats across their software supply chain ecosystems."

Legit's platform enables security teams, including CISOs, product security leaders, and security architects, to gain comprehensive visibility into risks across the development pipeline from the infrastructure to the application layer. With a crystal-clear view of the development lifecycle, customers ensure the code deployed is secure and compliant. Legit's capabilities that help companies manage their application security posture include:

  • SDLC Visibility & Security: Gain a complete view of your software factory, including development assets and security controls; discover unknown assets and activities, such as developers' use of GenAI code.
  • Software Supply Chain Security: Automatically discover, analyze, and secure your software supply chain; maintain a continuous inventory of SDLC assets; and produce current software bill of materials (SBOMs).
  • Compliance: Align regulatory compliance to regulatory compliance and map application security to frameworks such as CISA SSDF, SLSA, FedRAMP and ISO 27001; leverage findings to support internal and external audit requirements.
  • Application Vulnerability Management: Consolidate findings from multiple AppSec tools and make sense of these results – supported by contextual understanding of the developer environment – to effectively prioritize remediation.
  • Secrets Detection & Remediation: An AI-powered solution that enables secrets discovery beyond source code, Legit enables organizations to detect, remediate, and prevent secrets exposure across the software development pipeline.


About Legit Security

Legit is a new way to manage your application security posture for security, product, and compliance teams. With Legit, enterprises get a cleaner, easier way to manage and scale application security and address risks from code to cloud. Built for the modern SDLC, Legit tackles the most challenging problems facing security teams, including GenAI usage, proliferation of secrets, and an uncontrolled dev environment. Fast to implement and easy to use, Legit lets security teams protect their software factory from end to end, gives developers guardrails that let them do their best work safely, and delivers metrics that prove the security program's success. This new approach means teams can control risk across the business – and prove it. Request a demo today!

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Published on
April 17, 2024

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