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Mandiant, now a part of Google, has long been one of the most trusted names in cybersecurity, delivering “dynamic cyber defense solutions by combining services and products powered by industry-leading expertise, intelligence and innovative technology.” According to Tim Crothers, CISO at Mandiant, a Google Cloud Company, their mission is to “be on the front lines everywhere and to investigate every breach that matters.”

But they can’t do this effectively without maintaining the security and integrity of their own applications to ensure that they aren’t the cause of a breach. One of Crothers’ main responsilbilities is to make sure that this doesn’t happen, and he relies on Legit Security to help make sure that it doesn’t. “Google is incredibly passionate about being the most secure cloud for organizations to operate out of,” says Crothers.

Legit Security helps Google with fast and secure software development by delivering deep visibility and security awareness across all of their SDLC assets, pipelines, teams and application releases, helping them prioritize application vulnerabilities and risk. It gives the application security and software engineering teams critical insight with relevant context, so that they can prioritize risk, improve collaboration and accelerate remediation.


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Solution Requirements

  • Integrate with their existing SDLC and security toolset
  • Foster better communication and collaboration 
  • Establish and automatically enforce security guardrails
  • Deliver deep visibility into their entire SDLC and CI/CD pipeline
  • Provide detailed risk context for better prioritization

How Collaborative Application Security Drives Better Business Outcomes For Google

The most critical capability that Legit Security delivers is deep visibility and security across the SDLC, allowing Google’s application security team to see vulnerabilities and risk throughout the software supply chain faster, and with greater context. The application security team can send relevant details to the software engineers for fast, effective mitigation—without wasting their time or getting in the way of meeting their primary business objectives of delivering new product functionality fast. Legit Security automatically discovers and analyzes any new SDLC infrastructure and pipelines, immediately rolling them into the AppSec team’s security policies and processes.

“Visibility is the most important aspect of security. You can’t defend what you don’t know about,” says Crothers. However, visibility in the SDLC isn’t limited to faster threat detection and finding things that you otherwise wouldn’t—it also helps create a collaborative culture of secure software development and innovation. “Visibility gives engineers the ability to implement great ideas quickly with guardrails in place. Everyone acts and feels as part of the same team by meeting software engineers where they need to be to feel successful.”

Legit Value

  • End-to-end SDLC visibility
  • Faster remediation
  • Real-time SDLC security
  • Improved collaboration
  • Better prioritization
  • Secure & innovative SDLC

The Legit Solution

Legit Security helps organizations like Google secure their software supply chains and ensure the integrity of application releases, while improving security team efficiency and streamlining engineering collaboration. They can establish security guardrails and policies across the software supply chain, with real-time visibility and consolidated vulnerability management. The platform reduces tool and alert fatigue by consolidating application security data from across the SDLC, analyzing and prioritizing vulnerabilities, and automating processes for communication, collaboration and remediation. The right information gets into the right hands faster so that they can fix critical software supply chain and other vulnerabilities in the SDLC, without getting in the way of the rapid innovation and continuous delivery that is the lifeblood of modern software development today.

Benefits of a Secure SDLC Foundation
Legit provides a powerful tool for the security team(s) who leverage it for application security as well as SDLC oversight to provide an informed advisory perspective to other teams.

More collaborative application security with developer teams leveraging the platform’s risk scoring and deeper contextual information.


Smarter vulnerability management supported by observability and context across the SDLC to effectively prioritize security issues.


Continuous assurance and risk mgmt by identifying, prioritizing and remediating vulnerabilities that protect the business and meet compliance requirements.


Costs savings and productivity gains through automation and operational efficiencies that enable highly trained SMEs to focus on more strategic tasks.

Download the case study for details on how Legit Security helped Google Mandiant address its secure application delivery challenges.