Secure Your Software Factory And Deliver with Confidence

Secure applications from code to cloud with real-time security posture management for the integrity, governance and compliance of every software release.

secure your software supply chain environment by discovering and remediating issues in your pipelines and infrastructure

The Legit Security Platform

Software Supply Chain Security

  • Real-time SDLC auto discovery & analysis
  • SDLC visual models with graph database
  • End-to-end CI/CD pipeline security
  • Secret scanning with optional CLI
  • Threat discovery with ad-hoc queries

Platform - Software Supply Chain Security

Platform - Application Security Control Plane

Application Security Control Plane

  • Unified application security control plane
  • Application governance and risk scoring
  • Consolidated vulnerability management

Code-To-Cloud Traceability & Security

  • Application traceability from code to cloud
  • Contextual threat prioritization
  • Infrastructure-as-Code scanner
  • Forensic detail from origin to vulnerability

Platform - Code-To-Cloud Traceability & Security

Platform - Compliance And SBOM

Compliance and SBOM

  • Align regulatory compliance to security guardrails
  • Continuous assurance and regulatory drift detection
  • Application release integrity
  • Extended SBOM

Your SDLC is unique.
See it all. Ask it anything.

  • Auto-discover everything and map it visually
  • See the unknown, misconfigured and vulnerable
  • Query and investigate through the graph database
  • Reveal coverage gaps of security tools & scanners

Platform - Your SDLC Is Unique_

Real-Time Security For Agile Development_

Real-Time Security For
Agile Development

  • Don't just manage security issues; prevent new ones 
  • Deliver real-time updates on security issues, configuration changes and compliance drift
  • Centralize security policy enforcement across all your applications, teams and pipelines

Contextualize Risks And
Prioritize Remediation

  • Gain valuable context and business criticality insights on application vulnerabilities from code-to-cloud
  • Use risk scoring to prioritize issues and compare the security posture of teams and pipelines
  • Consolidate vulnerability management and automate remediation across productivity tools and workflows

Platform - Contextualize Risks And Prioritize Remediation_

Platform - Be Your Developers Friend_

Be Your Developer's Friend,
Not Bottleneck

  • Provide valuable context so developers can remediate security issues more efficiently
  • Collaborate and improve developer security practices with customizable risk scoring
  • Automate and simplify application release integrity and regulatory compliance

Built For Enterprise


Security at Scale

Real-time support for 1,000,000s of events generated by 10,000s of developers and 100,000s of repositories


Align to Business Lines

Create workspaces for each business unit and assign SDLC assets and infrastructure to your teams and product lines


Works With Workflows

Integrate your preferred alert, ticketing, productivity and workflow tools to remediate issues and collaborate



Manage via our platform's User Interface and/or full-featured APIs to integrate with existing tools, systems and SOCs 


Risk & Compliance

Continuously monitor adherence to regulatory requirements including your custom compliance frameworks 


Deploy in Minutes

Connect Legit via a read-only access token and immediately gain visibility and security from code to cloud

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Easy to Implement & Fast Time-To-Value

Onboard your CI/CD stack in minutes via an agentless connection and see our platform in action.