Secure Your Software Supply Chain Environment

Automatically discover security issues, remediate threats and ensure the integrity and compliance of every software release

secure your software supply chain environment by discovering and remediating issues in your pipelines and infrastructure

The Legit Security Platform



SDLC Discovery


Risk Protection

and Remediation



Security Scoring

and Compliance

Make Your Software Factory Secure and Tamper-Proof

See all of your SDLC

  • Comprehensive, visual inventory that's continually updated
  • Reveal unknown, misconfigured and vulnerable SDLC systems and infrastructure
  • See which pipelines are secure, and which are vulnerable
  • Centralized visibility over the location, coverage and configuration of your existing security tools and scanners





Prevent SDLC Attacks 

  • Catch insecure build actions before they can embed vulnerabilities downstream
  • Centralized, early scanning of secrets and PII before being pushed into the SDLC
  • Validate safe usage of plug-ins, images and other executables that could impact release integrity
  • Remediate risks with in-depth context to address issues fast

Continuous Compliance 

  • Receive alerts for drift from compliance frameworks in real time, such as SOC2, OpenSSF, NIST and ISO27001
  • Get security posture at-a-glance with Legit Security Scores
  • Instantly detect the removal of a mandatory security control
  • Track security trends across teams and product lines to improve security posture and incentivize behavior



Easy to Implement & Fast Time-To-Value

Legit doesn't interfere with your existing development tools and workflows. Onboard your CI/CD stack in minutes via an agentless connection.




Built For Enterprise


Security at Scale

Real-time support for 1,000,000s of events generated by 10,000s of developers and 100,000s of repositories


Align to Business Lines

Create workspaces for each business unit and assign SDLC assets and infrastructure to your teams and product lines


Works With Workflows

Integrate your own alert and ticketing tools or use ours. Legit always provides an up-to-date, centralized view



Legit integrates with existing tools, systems and workflows. Manage via our platform's User Interface and/or full-featured APIs. 


Risk & Compliance

Continuously monitoring adherence to regulatory requirements and custom compliance frameworks 


Connect Agentlessly

Simply connect Legit via an access token requiring minimal permissions to start securing your software supply chain now

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