Secure Application Delivery at the Speed of DevOps

Get deep visibility, risk-based prioritization and extensive risk and remediation context to simplify AppSec collaboration and execution between DevOps, Developers and Security.

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Legit for DevOps and Security

Deep operational and security context spanning code creation to runtime deployment helps DevOps teams rapidly understand and prioritize issues to improve productivity, increase effectiveness, and accelerate issue remediation.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Legit delivers the visibility and context you need to address critical vulnerabilities quickly, with remediation guidance and customizable workflows for automating time-consuming, repetitive manual tasks.


1 Software Supply Chain Security - Final

Understand Operational Risk

Legit automatically discovers your entire SDLC, and rapidly delivers critical insights into issues that impact DevOps, like missing scan coverage, secrets in code, shadow IT, misconfigurations and more.

3 Code to Cloud Traceability and Security - Final

Streamline Compliance and Governance

Automated gap analysis for security controls, continuous compliance drift monitoring, and extended SBOMs deliver detailed reporting for compliance audits, board reporting, and customer assurance.

Legit Security - Streamline Compliance and Governance - DevOps

Reduce Operating Overhead

Legit automatically identifies redundant security controls, helps optimize controls placement, and continuously detects shadow IT to help eliminate unnecessary and unauthorized spending and promote use of free/low cost tools. 

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An Enterprise Solution that Delivers Value Fast
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Deploys and starts working within minutes

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Delivers deep visibility and critical context

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Integrates with your tools and workflows

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Watches and protects the entire SDLC

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